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"I thought what it was I could do to make a small difference where I live, I recognised that my skill of painting and decorating, some of my time free of charge and a few materials could really have a massive impact improving the living conditions of local children and elderly people living in poverty and with illness. I knew so many young and old people in our Community live in really poor conditions behind closed doors as I had seen it first hand in my work. Poor living conditions play a huge part in depression, stress, ill physical and mental health and affect daily life. I could ease this for many with just a bit of my time and skill free.

It dawned on me straight away that the idea of giving a skill and time free of charge and some materials to help vulnerable people and those in their hour of need, could literally involve everyone giving back in a small way that suits them.  This concept would not only tackle many problems our towns and cities face but also change the character of our communities making them better places to live and spread much needed unity, kindness and compassion.  I knew eventually it could change mindsets and inspire many others to get involved, as well as showing a different way to the children growing up seeing us as role models promoting a better way of being.  Pretty soon after posting the idea on Facebook, I was inundated with friends and family with various skills and professions all willing to get involved." AHFO Founder Kevin Morland

Kev, Gill and all the volunteers donate so much time and effort into making the lives of others better, and should be applauded. They are completely grassroots and have never received any help, only the help of like minded locals who donate time and funds to achieve the goals of the charity. Whether that be painting somebody's living room, helping locate and rectify an electrical issue, or having the bedrooms of children in poverty refurbished, to give them a happier future. The list of what they have already achieved is remarkable, and the sky is the limit for what can be achieved in the future with more and more people recognising them and getting involved. 

My fiancee and I have been involved in some of the fund raising activities and have helped raise some funds in the past, and I was happy to be able to sponsor the 5km walk in June 22. Going forward we would like to be more involved and carried out the walk up snowdon in September 22. We have released two items in collaboration with comedian Troy Hawke, in which all profits will be split between AHFO and Fans Supporting Foodbanks. 

If you are able to donate to this amazing cause, please do via the link below. Thanks

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