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My banner, the original, as seen on The Kop at the first game following Jürgen's announcement that he'd be leaving. That Friday, I was in work, devastated. I messaged Clare @ClaresCustoms to see if she could put this together for me. She made it instantly. 

Holding it up in The Kop that Sunday was mad, so many emotions. In one way I was proud to be replicating such an iconic banner that had been there before, but chocker that it was happening. Nods of approval from around The Kop, just hope the gaffer seen it too. The image of the banner is iconic already and loads have used it on their own stuff (without asking of course) but if you want the original, it's right here. Prints also available on Clare's page.


I'll think back and smile at all the good times together, from doubters to believers, now Jürgen lives forever

Jurgen Lives Forever - Mens t-shirt

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