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There is a special place in our hearts for all of these men who gave so much of themselves to our club. Shankly laid the foundations and without him the club would not have the identity it does today. Paisley continued to run with the batton and gave us magnificent glory days. Roy Evans and Ronnie Moran were a massive part of this clubs success and dedicated the majority of their lives to the football club, they have seen it all!! King Kenny Dalglish, one of the greatest to grace a football pitch led the team to glory on and off the pitch. That 86 Season when he beat the blues to the league and FA Cup. (Apparently they were the best in the world that season though). That 2001 season with Gérard Houllier & Thommo was incredible and doesn't get talked about half as much as it should! Rafa came along - the Istanbul fairytale. Best night of my life. Moses said come forth, Rafa said No, we'll win the cup instead. Boss. And now we have the pleasure of Jurgen Norbert Klopp, in my opinion the best manager the club has had in my life, and he epitomises the legacy left by Shanks. Premier League and European Cup winner. He is the man of the people, and boy does he make us happy!

Success has many fathers!

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Success has many fathers

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